Third Party Fees


Small Business Background Checks

When conducting criminal background checks and employment and education verifications, please keep in mind that BackgroundPro includes most Third Party Fees for accessing or processing that may be incurred. Some of these fees may be included in the price depending on the size of the fee. The fact that BackgroundPro includes most Third Party Fees in the set price makes us less expensive than many competitors. Third Party Fees incurred by BackgroundPro may include:

  • County criminal record court fees.
  • State criminal record access fees.
  • Access fees charged by licensing authorities to verify licenses or credentials.
  • Third party employment history services.
  • Third party education history services.

Most Third Party Fees are small and will be included in the BackgroundPro package prices at no extra cost. However, there are a few exceptions (such as the states of Maine, New York, and Wyoming and several counties in other states) where larger fees are charged that will be added on the BackgroundPro package price. Click on the link below for a list of Third Party Fees:

These fees are set by third parties and are subject to modification by the source without prior notice to BackgroundPro. Third Party Fees are passed through to Client without markup or handling charges of any kind. If you have any questions about Third Party Fees, please Submit A Ticket.


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